Claimer Careers

Claimer Careers

馃彌馃悓 The problem we're solving

Government incentives are amazing: tens of billions are set aside for companies globally every year, helping to accelerate innovation and the global economy.

But for startup founders, who need the money the most, the process of accessing them sucks.

The rules are complex, and the consultants that charge extortionate fees to help you are stuck in the 90s: countless phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets spread over months.

Claimer is a game changer. We鈥檙e building a frictionless experience for founders to get access to the government incentives they are eligible for.

Claimer's founders, Adam & Andrew
Claimer's founders, Adam & Andrew

馃挵馃殌 Progress so far

After launching our initial product 2 years ago, we鈥檝e helped 350+ startups get 拢 tens of millions back in relief with zero investment in marketing. But we鈥檙e only just getting warmed up.

Claimer is funded and backed by some of the leading investors in Europe, and we鈥檙e now poised to scale in the UK and beyond in 2022.

At the core of everything we do is people (see our values), doing our very best to make Claimer an amazing place to work and providing our customers with an exceptional service and hassle-free product experience.

We have some amazingly talented people in the team, but we鈥檙e always growing and looking for more!

馃懃 The Team

We're a tight-knit team of talented and driven individuals, hugely passionate about building a product that has the potential to positively and meaningfully impact innovative businesses across the world.

馃檹 Our Values

馃檸鈥嶁檧锔 We put our team first

A happy and productive team is driven to succeed and create value for customers, and each other.

馃槃 We鈥檙e obsessed with customer experience

The Customer Experience (speed, ease, and convenience) of claiming government incentives is why Claimer exists.

馃挰 We are radically candid

The practice of radical candour is what separates the good companies from the great companies.

This means passionately fighting for an idea you know will move us forward. It means uncomfortable conversations if necessary so we are always improving.


鉁 We deliver

鈥淭he pace of innovation is the only real moat鈥. We strive to deliver incremental but meaningful value to our customers as frequently as possible, minimising unnecessary process and red-tape.

馃懃 We are inclusive

Diverse teams and different perspectives lead to better decisions, higher productivity, and greater innovation.

馃憖 See what our users think

鉁 Vacancies

Referrals: If you know anyone who might be a good fit for any of our positions, please let us know! If you refer a friend who ends up joining Claimer, we'll give you 拢1,000.

Is the role you're looking for not listed, but you think you could help us grow? We're always looking for great people and would love for you to reach out.